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Peer-Run Respite & Wellness Center Initiative

Peer-Run Respite is a non-clinical alternative to hospitalization for adults with mental health issues who are experiencing a crisis. Those seeking help from Peer Run Respite can stay for up to 7 days and receive 24/7 peer support.



Allies of Indiana is working to bring Peer Run Respite and Wellness Centers to Indiana. There are currently 25 Peer Run Respites across the country in 11 states with more being added every day. We believe that Peer Respite will help fill a gap that exists in the current mental health system. Support and alternative activities offered through the Respite and Wellness Center will complement those offered at traditional mental health locations and allow participants the freedom to choose those activities that best fit their recovery needs.

The respite program is located in the community in a home-like setting and staffed by trained individuals who are Certified Recovery Specialists. Guests are able to stay connected to their community, family and friends and may come and go as needed. Many continue to go to work, attend appointments or go to school during their stay. Each guest sets personal goals for his/her stay to learn new strategies and tools for dealing with the issues and challenges they are facing – as we strongly believe that crisis is an opportunity for growth.

Located in the same location as the Respite, the Wellness Center offers recovery and wellness-focused activities during the day to peers from the community and respite guests. Activities are designed around the needs of the community and focus on helping individuals to move forward in their recovery. Examples of activities offered include peer support groups, advocacy, wellness activities (meditation, music, yoga, writing, art, etc.), educational activities and employment assistance. The Wellness Center would be open during the day and will offer community based activities on some evenings and weekend days.

Why we need PRWC in Indiana:

Peer-Run Respite and Wellness Center will fill a gap that currently exists in services:

  1. Individuals can proactively seek support in the early stages of  the crisis, may be able to avert the crisis all before they meet the criteria for a more costly hospitalization.
  2. Individuals can use the respite program as a step down from a hospitalization before they return home.
  3. Offers a person centered, recovery oriented alternative to hospitalization.
  4. Offers a community based recovery program that compliments traditional outpatient services currently offered.

What the research says:

  1. As effective as inpatient hospitalization for guests who meet criteria for respite stay.
  2. Significantly greater satisfaction with services vs. inpatient hospitalization.
  3. Greatly reduced costs (at least half the cost of inpatient hospitalization).
  4. When peer operated programs are offered in addition to traditional services, results show that individuals have improved wellbeing, hope, self-efficacy, empowerment and increased meaning in their lives.

Contact information:

Lara Williams, Executive Director

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